Thursday, March 09, 2006

And the great shroud of the sea rolled on...or my brain is back

Ah! After working endlessly on a community partnership grant in response to the IMLS/CPB funding op, I'm back to the land of the living...

I have to admit that grant writing is my own monomania. I love the pursuit, and I let it become all encompassing. Although that doesn't mean my proposals are perfect. Far from it. I've never finished a proposal--only abandoned them at deadline. Alas..."I try all things, I achieve what I can" ~ Melville (oh, speaking of, my Moby-Dick reading shipmates have been posting to our blog and using tags to keep track of their loomings...we're almost all finished with this particular voyage...)

In addition to ignoring pretty much all other responsibilities, I haven't tracked my favorite blogs and feeds since, like, February or's amazing what happens in the library Webbie world in a few months. Here's just a few of the posts from the last few months that totally thrilled me. Where did all these ideas go before blogs and feeds? How did people transfer, track, and collaborate on all these memes?

Virtual Card Catalogs: Did you need another reason to join the John Blyberg fan club?

Library 2.0h yeah baby....
There are so many fantastic conversations this, I just have to link to the tags.. , . Sure, this conversation has been going on forever (like, I don't know, October?), but it's really interesting how the buzz has caught on and how everyone is chomping at the bit to make the library world (physical and virtual locations) way, way freakin' cool.

Ten Techie Things for Librarians 2006
Michael Stephens should win an award for writing and presenting information that both synthesizes the issues of the day as well as positively motivates colleagues to seize the opportunities. He has a great blog post on this, and if you want to hear Michael live and have a chance to ask him questions, join him online on Thursday, April 6, 2006 at 2:00 Central time for :Ten Top Technologies for Librarians in 2006.

This presentation is sponsored by the Alliance Library System and will be held in the OPAL online Auditorium. (Oh, and you should check out OPAL as well, but I'll write more about that later.)

Steven Cohen has lots posts on this, and here's the Wikipedia take. I need to read up. Quick.

I remember hearing about this, but it's getting a lot more play. Brenda at the NEKLS tech blog has a nice overview post. Also on my figure it out, quick list.

It's nice to have my brain all I need to do is clean up my office...oh, and implement a new content management system, and rebuild our entire JoCo Web world... I love my job.


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