Tuesday, January 03, 2006

We set sail on the Pequod...

Woo hoo! Yes, bring your boots, clones, taste for whale meat, and your well-worn copies of M-D.

Re-enactments and interpertive dance aren't required, but highly encouraged.

All aboard, shipmates...Ok...here's the plan...we read for 7 weeks...and try to steer toward 20 chapters per week... and I'll see if anyone else wants to join us...

We set sail this weekend. Here are some options for how we can share our thoughts as we chart our course:

1. If you have a blog, post away. So that we can find all of our posts, just tag them with (technorati tag).

2. For those who don't have your own blog or would prefer to post in one place, I started another blog just for this...http://moby-dick06.blogspot.com
I'll send everyone who wants to play invites, so you can all post directly...

3. We can meet online in our OPAL room weekly...again--this is up to you, and feel free to show up or skip it as you wish, but in case you'd like to join, what day works best for you all? A weeknight evening? Tuesdays or Thursdays are ok with me. (I have yoga on Mondays/Wednesdays)...or a weekend afternoon? Let me know what works best if you're interested in using the VoIP/text-chat/co-browsing of OPAL... Weekly might be too much...we'll see, but let me know when you'd like it to be scheduled.

For your reading pleasure, here are a few stories about the 10-anniversary marathon reading of M-D that just started today....ah...to be on a dock in New Bedford tonight....



(technorati tag)


Blogger scott said...

skype, skype! also, i work late on weeknights, but if you're still on after the library closes, i may join you :)

7:40 PM  

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