Sunday, April 03, 2005

Art & experience via the Web

The Kansas Library Association (KLA) conference is now over, and I'll post my notes shortly, but here are a few things I'm working out...

1. Creating the experience library (ala Cerritos--a truly amazing and wonderful concept) on the web... engaging all the senses in a digital world and creating pleasure--to delight in details, to create online experiences/exhibits that model the joys of knowing more, to provide exceptional online service/functionality.

2. Being a conduit for experiences and connections--not just bringing together the community outside the library, but bringing together the community within the library--across departments and management hierarchies.

3. Art nouveau online...I've always loved the philosophies of art nouveau-- public art for the industrial (vs. the agricultural) world, but inspired by natural forms, reminding us that while we are creatures of a world of commerce and increasingly living in a world of cities and environments of our own making, we are still creatures...I need to find some way to incorporate this philosophy into our new Web design....


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