Saturday, March 05, 2005

Choosing poorly, or rather choosing not to choose at all: libraries & Web design

Earlier last month, I couldn't really think about this without spiraling into despair, because our site makes a lot of mistakes, too (working on it, working on it...) but now that I'm content-ed again, I have to reference Erica Olsen's post on lousy library Webs, even though it's old news now. Because I think that part of the issue behind poor library Web design is that we don't choose at all...our sites are a reflection of a lack of focus overall. There are a lot of good and understandable reasons for this, but it's one thing to choose poorly (putting the needs of the org before the patron's), it's something else, and I would argue more wide-spread in the world of library Web design to not choose at all....and this is an ailment particular to non-profits. We want to serve everyone all the time in everyway, and we don't do anyone any favors when we forget that we have limited resources as well, so we need to do what we can for the biggest bang. I really need to read Paradox of Choice.


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