Saturday, March 05, 2005

Disney Crack/Content Dealers

Six little kids lined up on a couch watching Lion King is also satisfying and happy, and not entirely lacking in substance. Although I felt like a crack dealer. One second I have six preschoolers squealing and stomping a parade through my living room, study, kitchen and back again; one second later, I pull out the Lion King DVD, and a bizarre hush fell over the house. The couch took on some kind of magnetic property, and before I could get the all the speaker settings adjusted, they had lined themselves up on the couch, thumbs popped into mouths, waiting for their fix.

This reminds me--we have got to get to work with Kansas City Public Library and Dave King to create an entertaining library-related DVD for kids that we give away for free across the metro KC area. Libraries need to harness this power and commandeer the DVDs in mini-vans--wouldn't it be lovely to see & hear storytellers while waiting in traffic? Wouldn't it be lovely to see kids interacting, not just zoombified?


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