Saturday, March 05, 2005

Content: three ways

Ok, you hit the wall, and know that something’s about to bend, break, or shatter into a hundred thousand pieces, and then, woosh….you turn the corner and everything’s blue skies…

I've been despairing about my inability getting anything real done. I mean, I can talk a lot, and dream big, but what have I actually gotten done in the last (almost) year and a half since I returned to the library world? It's all soft stuff--and nothing I can offer up for others to lay their eyeballs on.... the sleek yet oh so satisfying Public Library Web site I have in my dreams continues to elude me.

But, that was the bend/break's the return of blue skies...My actual title is Web Content Manager—which is the coolest title I’ve ever had, and I have Tim, my boss, aka Infocommuner, to thank for creating it, anyway, as I was goofing around tonight after hosting my sister-in-law Shan’s 30th birthday party (an event that included 7 children under the age of 4 in a rather small and only partially remodeled 100 year old house), I was thinking about content. Somehow (and this is a little stupid) it had escaped me that content was an adjective, noun, and a verb, and (well, this could be even more stupid), that totally got me jazzed up. I want nothing more than to be a conduit for satisfaction, happiness, and substance. Woo hoo!


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