Saturday, March 05, 2005

Glass: Art, Science & Inspiration

I'm a museum junkie, so really, as long as a museum is well-designed and the exhibits are well-developed, I'm gonna love it. Regardless of the focus, good museums are almost always about the realtionships and interactions among ideas, matter, nature, and people. But, one of the best muesums I've ever been to is the Corning Museum of Glass.

Their whole experience is about the interaction between art and science, and every time I think about it, I get all woozy and drunk with love. Even if you can't make it to NY this weekend, have some fun reading about the properties of glass and connections of art/science in glass, and try to keep your head in the midsts of all the yummy metaphors (how can you not get excited about thinking about chaos frozen and the implications for fiber optics and Internet connections, which of course, are here for us, courtesy of glass....)...Also, there is a quick, sappy, but satisfying poem about the nature of art, Art is the Big In-Between.


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