Monday, May 22, 2006

Savvy Travelers in a Techie World

I finally had the chance to read Brenda Hough's article in this month's CiL, and I can't stop recommending it to folks. She addresses so many of the issues that frustrate both tech trainers and tech trainees.

If you have access to Ebsco, here’s the link to the full article:

Link to the preview (free):

A few snippets…

“Too many technology classes are about reaching goals that trainers have set rather than teaching skills that students actually need. I've chosen the road less traveled teaching concepts that people can build on for years rather than steps that they can use for months.
The differences between being technology-challenged and being technology-literate are similar to the differences between being an inexperienced traveler and being a savvy traveler. So it follows that a good technology trainer is like a good tour guide, handling logistical details and creating experiences that are customized to meet individual interests and that will empower travelers to take future trips on their own.”

"These are some of the characteristics of a savvy traveler:
• Confidence
• An acceptance that things will probably not all go according to plan, which leads to flexibility and adaptability
• A willingness to ask questions
Flights get delayed and overbooked, maps become outdated, luggage gets lost, etc. The savvy traveler is aware of these possibilities and plans and prepares as well as he or she can, and then adapts as needed when things change. These are the characteristics we need to be helping technology students develop too.

So, what types of training can facilitate savvy users? I have eight tips for tour guides who want to train people for long-term technological literacy:
Stop trying to provide step-by-step directions.
Encourage independence.
Expect success,
Encourage exploration.
Provide context.
Treat training as a collaborative project.
Use storytelling.
Be real-world."

Check out the article to learn more!


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