Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So, so cool: Online Kansas City Literary Map...

A few months back Susan Bogart, one of the reference librarians at JoCoLibrary, dreamed up the idea to put together a physical display of a literary map of Kansas City--like the virtual one the NYTimes did a few months before that...so she sent out an e-mail to library staff to ask that they send in their favorite literary references to KC. Susan compiled all the suggestions, and handed the info design over to Brian Oertel, an information specialists in our beloved library,--who in turn did a fantastic job designing the graphics and display. Since then, it's been traveling around our library (Johnson County Library sits on the Kansas side of the KC Metro), and we even picked up some press from LJ. Well, once Amy Ostrom, our new Web Interface Designer, arrived she hit the ground running and whipped up this oh-so-nifty online version of the KC literary map... You can browse it and each title links to our catalog so that patrons can place holds and read books that reference the city/metro area that we all love.

I love this. And I love working with such awesome colleagues.

The KC Literary map is available at: www.jocolibrary.org/literarymap


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, how much does JCL rock? I swear, if I didn't know any better I'd say that it is THEE coolest library on the planet!

Thanks for thinking of me today and I am VERY glad you were able to relax. After the test, I too took it easy by watching an episode of The O.C. Ahhhh, mindless television is the best!

Last night hubby bought the tools for Xbox Live so I was able to have a little Target shopping spree of my own. (We have to keep it fair! He gets toys and so do I!) I got some great spring/summer work clothes and those hellacrazy socks you like so much. I'll be sporting my new duds all next week! Whoo! Hoo!

I'm totally fried for the day so I'm off to do some Pilates after my yummy Chipotle settles. Have a great weekend and keep up that relaxation! :)

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