Thursday, March 30, 2006

PLA...a blur...onto Triconference

Wow...I can't believe I still haven't posted any of my notes from PLA. (More on that later...) But now I need to get ready for our state conference where I'll actually have to do a fair amount of work ; )

The blog is up.

Here's the technorati tag for all you crazy KS librarian bloggers....

Oh, and I'm not saying that Wichita is in the running to be the new Boston, but I'm excited to see amusing, interesting photos up on Flickr, too.


Blogger bck said...

Yay! Crazy KS librarian bloggers! Wichita will be way better than Boston (at least that's what I'm pretending since I didn't get to PLA this year).

The best will be Minneapolis PLA in 2008 though -- has there ever been a PLA blizzard?

12:49 PM  

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