Sunday, October 23, 2005

Want an easy and cheap way to give your patrons access to all online-programming, podcasts, and more? Check out OPAL.

I am crazy about OPAL (online programming for all libraries), and I'd like to host a dine-around on Tuesday or Wednesday night to chat with more OPAL-ites about programs and promoting OPAL at our libraries. I've sent Jane a message to see if I can't get it added to the dine-around schedule. Additionally, if anyone would like to learn more about OPAL, we could discuss the consortium, and how OPAL works. It's super cheap to join (the consortium charter for 2005 is here), and Tom Peters and Lori Bell are awesome to work with.

Plus, via OPAL you immediately have an online space for meetings (with co-browsing, VoIP, and text chat), online space for programs, and the ability to podcast your online programs. What's not to love?

If I get the official dine-around set up, it will be up on the site. If I don't, and you'd like to chat about OPAL, let me know.

Today I attended Aaron's and Michael's preconference session on Tech planning & libraries. It was terrific! I'll post on that later, but first, I'm off to the Aquarium for a few hours of unplugged bliss.

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