Wednesday, October 19, 2005

On my list for Monterey...

I can't wait for IL 2005, and I'm excited to be listed as a IL '05 blogger. Here's a running list of ideas/projects that I want to bounce off/learn about from others at Monterey...

1. Library Web Usability consortium--I know that next time I write a grant for a Web-based service/resource in the future (like, say, an online database of local health services serving the underinsured, or a digital collection management system to deliver local history) I will build the funding for usability studies into the budget. But, in terms of regular usability needs, it's hard to conduct these oh-so-important studies on an ongoing basis, since to do good studies, you need a fair level of time-commitment from moderators who can say that they didn't have anything to do with the site design and development. We've ran a few rounds of usability studies in preparation for the big re-design, but now, everyone who I can cajole into serving as moderators has, in fact, helped design and develop the Web sites (including me of course). So, what we library folk could do is agree to serve as usability moderators for each others' sites. Maybe we should write an IMLS grant or find some other funding to help us get this set up. Or, maybe it's just enough to agree to help each other with usability studies, and we share docs/tracking/procedures that we already have set up.

2. Cross-tagging and the functionality of tags across sites like flickr, technorati, etc...I want to understand how tags work across the Internet, and how we can use tags more effectively.

3. Library Web Awards...I sometimes have a hard time explaining what we do or quantifying what we do to library colleagues/boards/powers that be/etc... but they understand awards, and one question I'm always getting is if there is some kind of award for the best library Web page. I don't know of one, but I think that having some type of criteria/rating system/best of thing would be cool to create. (like Dave's cups o' java ratings) Maybe this is something InfoToday would like to coordinate or award?

4. I'm always on the look out for a really good public library Web-based calendar of events. In a perfect world, it would include multiple display options, customizable RSS feeds out, online registration for patrons, online reservations for rooms and equipment, and help manage online meeting space as well as physical space--all in a super-slick, patron and staff friendly interface. I wish a vendor would create this, because I would love to buy it.

5. More to come...

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Blogger whitneydt said...

Erica, this may be the volunteer gene acting up again, but don't hesitate to ring/email/IM/whatever if I can be of any help with your usability testing. I think the idea of swapping services is great--we're going to need some nonbiased folk to give us real feedback when we roll out federated searching here as well.

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