Saturday, October 01, 2005

Current practices and plans for public library Web sites

Library Stuff tips us off to an interesting report on current practices and plans for public library Web sites and redesigns that says most libraries redesign their sites every three years. We're in the middle of a complete redesign at my library, so I think I actually will drop the $$ to get the full report. I'm guessing most public library webbies will be saying the same thing: usability studies matter; do what patrons want the most; locally relevant, original and patron-created content is king (or queen); use social networking software and cool tech like RSS, blogs, wikis, to give patrons avenues to share their own content, etc... but I also think that quotes from the report might be good evidence in proposals for why we need more Web staff (we always need more staff, but I have to say that I'm blessed with a wonderful team of content developers and we work with a whip-smart programmer) and why the Web is the most important service point "in" the library.


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