Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Steven Cohen's What's new with Blogs, Wikis, and RSS

Like Lee Rainie said yesterday, the more prevalent and common place a tech becomes, the more invisible it becomes. Just a year ago, I was so excited by RSS. Now, it's a given. This is cool, but I have to admit I miss the lusty, gotta have it feeling. Luckily other new nifty tools are coming out.

Steven's presentation and lots of links are all online at: http://stevenmcohen.pbwiki.com/BlogsWikis

What are Splogs? Machine generated spam/blogs. These haven't really been dealt with. Most of splogs are coming from Blogger, so people are looking to Google to fix it.

The big boys catch up with blog search (Google, Yahoo, etc...)
G! catches up with RSS: And RSS is incorporated into Google's news searches, so you can run a search, sort by date, and then grab RSS or Atom feeds for a "news" search. But blogs are in their news search, so it's more than traditional media.

What's in Your wallet? Your I.M., skype and blog should be on your business cards

Yahoo buys Flickr: Yahoo is going to have the best image search ever

The new bubble? Lots of money and hype is being thrown around (Web 2.0, etc.) Steven would like to look at a new metaphor. Rather than "bubble" which grows then breaks, he's advocating something that grows and expands, but in a sustainable way.

Up & coming:

"My" ___ returns
www.Netvibes.com: You can create your own homepage through this. It's like My Yahoo, but you can drag and drop feeds, Web elements, social software calendar, etc... I signed up, but I haven't received my e-mailed info yet...stay tuned.

Reddit - (http://www.reddit.com/) Rating content

Digg - (http://www.digg.com) "I dig it"

Memeorandum - (http://www.memeorandum.com) Like Google news, but way better. Takes content, and the content that is most popular displays first. It gets stuff out really quickly.

Oishii - (http://opencontent.org/oishii) Runs through del.icio.us every few seconds, and grabs the most popular things being tagged.

Library Thing - (http://www.librarything.com/) Love, love, love it. This got rave reviews and lots of oooh's and ah's. (so well-deserved, I might add) "This is what the next generation library catalog should be like."

Reader2 - (http://reader2.com/) Similar to LibraryThing--not as nifty

Livemarks - (http://sandbox.sourcelabs.com/livemarks/) Very addictive: lots at the popular tags from del.icio.us

Writely - (http://www.writely.com/) Work on Word docs online

Life Management: Lots of online tools to help make your life more amusing or organized. The social aspects of these products is really exciting. Bowling Alone? We don't browse, read, plan our days, plan our lives, or even hang out on the 'net alone.

43 Things - (http://www.43things.com/) This is so cool--list the 43 things you want to do in your life, and find others who want to do the same things.

Planzo - (http://www.planzo.com/) Set up calendars, private or public; it's Web based, and you can have feeds.


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