Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Step up or stand down

This month is my birthday. I turn 35*...and if I actually felt as if I was any older than 26, I would probably be bothered by that--so, so much left to do--anyway, I'm lucky to have a terrific case of arrested development.

Plus, I'm about to go to my third Internet Librarian conference, and this seems a good time to wonder about the lifeline of this now-almost-2-year-old-often-neglected-blog. Do I give it up for good, or do I commit, get my own domain, and install the software like a good self-respecting webbie librarian would?

Stay tuned...

*a post of all the other oh-so well-respected institutions, organizations, and entities that also turn 35 this year is coming your way ;)


Blogger Kelly Sime said...

happy b-day

9:14 PM  

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